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Virtual Field Trip

Devon Radant

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(Machines MADE SIMPLE)


Are you tired of working?  Don’t you wish there was an easier way to get things done?  Wait!  There is! We can use simple machines to make work easier.  That’s right.  Simple machines make work easier!  How?  Well, today that’s what you are going to discover.  If you’re tired of working too hard, take the simple route with simple machines.  Let’s go ahead and get started.  Climb aboard the bus and get ready for our virtual field trip.


Our first stop:  The Basics of Simple Machines.

We can’t explore the different simple machines if we don’t even know what a simple machine is.  So…take a look at this site and discover just what a simple machine is.  Stop reading when you get to the part about inclined planes – we’ll get to them in a minute. 


I’m glad we know what a simple machine is and ways that we can use them to help us do work.


Let’s keep rolling….next stop:  The 6 Simple Machines (plus gears). Check out this really cool site to learn about all six simple machines .  Keep clicking the “next” button to learn about levers, gears, inclined planes, wheel and axles, and pulleys.

Find out about screws by visiting , and check out wedges at . 


If you need more information on any of these topics, make sure you visit .  You may want to use this site as a reference for some of the activities you’re about to do.


Great!  Now that we have an understanding of the different types of simple machines, let’s see if you were paying attention.  Drive on over to and complete the interactive crossword.  Be sure to print out a copy!


Moving right along…Here’s a fun experiment to try on our trip.  See if you can balance frogs.  That’s right!  Try your hand at balancing frogs using a lever at .  You may need to download some software called Shockwave to get this program to work.  Wait a few seconds to see if the program will load.  If not, just follow the prompts on your computer.  Try balancing a couple of frogs, and then let’s move on.  There’s so much to see on our field trip.


Jump off the bus and take a look at this: .  See if you can identify the simple machines in this picture.  To check your answers, scroll the mouse over the numbers to see the answers – pretty cool huh?


Hop back on the bus (think about all of the simple machines that you could find on our bus) – we’re heading back.  Tell your neighbor in the bus seat next to you something you learned today that you didn’t know before.  Remember simple machines are everywhere!


Virtual Field Trip created for CAE 502 - Internet for Educators